1. CPO Standards                                        9.  Harold's Short History
                                                                        Raymond "Harold" Ponsell

2.  Where Speed Counts 1951                      10.  To Close for Comfort
                                                                        Hue, South Vietnam

  Ball Recollections                                  11.  Far East Memories 
                                                                        Mark Chavez

4.  Lake Champlain Carrier Fire 1957          12. Such is My Recollections
                                                                        Mike Gilmartin

5.  A Cuban Excursion December, 1962        13.  The Final Five days 1981

  Myrtle Bank Hotel Fire,  Feb. 1966        14.  Veteran's Prayer

7.  A Short Story Mark Chavez                  15.  I Like the Navy

8.  Half a Sea Story Mark Chavez              16.  Simulate Life in the Navy
                                                                        This will work

And as many more that you can come up with.
I know you have some, submit them to.
D.Mall @ USSJohnston.org