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Photos by Dana Beyerle – QM

During 1971 Med Cruise

Soviet Helicopter
Soviet helicopter carrier Moskva

Russian Carrier
LT(jg) Marty having a look at Russian carrier

USS Canisteo
Pulling along side USS Canisteo (AO99)

Rock Band
Rock Band 2
Jolly “J” rock band “SMOKE”
Band was playing while Soviet helicopter carrier was anchored.
They could hear us, cuz it appeared the entire ships company
was topside.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
San Miguel Del Fay Monestary

Spanish friend
A Spanish friend, Marisol

0Douglas and Butler
FT3 Douglas & BMSN Butler

Dana @ Iraklion, Crete
Dana @ Iraklion, Crete

Refueling Ops
With USS Canisteo (AO99) – I think.

Iraklion, Crete
A Crusader’s Fort at Iraklion, Crete

Pulling away
Pulling away from carrier

Bridge - underway
Bridge – underway
Luke Bottiglieri, QM2 at helm
Unknown at engine order telegraph

flight deck of carrier
Looking at the flight deck of carrier
during refueling ops

CVA hangar
Looking into CVA hangar from bridge wing

USS Cone (DD866)
Steaming with USS Cone (DD866) in Med ’71

USS Canisteo (AO99)
Refueling from USS Canisteo (AO99)

Refueling underway
Refueling underway
A great life…

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