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A Tribute from the “Chen Yang Association
To the Johnston Association

When Tony Tomasin received the above photo from the
Chen Yang Association, this was his reply.

Dear Sir,

When I first viewed your correspondence I was overcome with emotion that you and your Association would honor our Association with such a wonderful memento. Both of our Associations were born of the same common love for a ship that carried us safely as we served her with honor those many years. While we cared for her, she protected us and our countries in the proudest tradition of both our Countries and our Navies.

I have been in contact with Mr. David Li from your DDG-928 Chen Yang Association. He and your entire Association have been very helpful and have worked hard to bring our Associations closer together in fellowship and goodwill. On behalf of myself and all the members of the USS Johnston DD-821 Association, we appreciate and are grateful to you the Webmaster, Mr. David Li and all the members of the Chen Yang DDG-928 Association for helping us in our endeavors.

Mr.Li has sent our Association three video presentations that will be shown at our reunion on May 19. 2005. I have viewed these wonderful presentations and know how much hard work and love went into preparing them. I am sure the men attending this year’s reunion will be as excited as I was when I first viewed them. I sent Mr. Li a letter of thanks as soon as I received the presentations from myself and the entire Association thanking him for this wonderful gift. Copies will be made available to all USS Johnston DD-821 Association members and families of deceased members.

As soon as I received your correspondence, I contacted our Webmaster for the USS Johnston DD-821 Association. We both agreed that a picture of your wonderful memento should be posted on our web site as soon as possible. It is with great pride that we will display this picture.

Again, on behalf of the entire membership of the USS Johnston DD-821 Association, and all who served on her, we hope that you accept our sincerest thanks for your gifts and honoring our great ship and all those who served on her. We send you our warmest wishes from our Association to yours and take great pride in the fellowship and goodwill between our Associations, our Navies and our Counties.


Tony Tomasin
Vice President
USS Johnston DD-821 Association

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