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Photos by George Sites – RD2

Sites Guitar 1Sites Guitar 2Sites Guitar 3Church Athens Greece

Picture 1 – I was playing guitar inside CIC.
Picture 2 – Here I am playing guitar behind my head at Barbarella’s. Barbarella’s was a nightclub in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Picture 3 – Cruncher playing guitar with his teeth at Barbarella’s.
Picture 4 – Standing in front of a Church in Athens, Greece.

Sailors Best FriendDon GuldenshuhDrydock Charleston, SCDrydock

Picture 5 – A sailors best friend
Picture 6 – Don Guldenshuh giving GS a trim
Picture 7 – In drydock – Charleston, SC 1968
Picture 8 – In drydock

Full powerGS with a beardPlaying HerculesGS at the helm

Picture 9 – Full power
Picture 10 – GS with a beard
Picture 11 – Playing Hercules
Picture 12 – GS at the helm

Rear berthing compartmentGS in Naples BayPierside Trieste, ItalySt Marks Square

Picture 13 – Rear berthing compartment below 5″ gun mount
Picture 14 – GS in Naples Bay – Jan 1970
Picture 15 – Pierside Trieste, Italy – Oct 69
Picture 16 – GS standing in St Marks Square in Venice Italy. This was during the 70/71 Mediterranean Cruise.

Along side USS ForrestalClimbing back from swimmingFantailUSS Forrestal

Picture 17 – Along side USS Forrestal
Picture 18 – Climbing back from swimming
Picture 19 – Fantail
Picture 20 – USS Forrestal

USS ForrestalUSS ForrestalGS after swimmingLiberty in Barcelona

Picture 21 – USS Forrestal
Picture 22 – USS Forrestal
Picture 23 – GS after swimming
Picture 24 – Liberty in Barcelona

Looking forwardMailcallNaples arrivalReady for swimcall

Picture 25 – Looking forward
Picture 26 – Mailcall
Picture 27 – Naples arrival
Picture 28 – Ready for swimcall

Refueling from USS NashvilleSunbathing on fantailSwimcall in the Med.USS Forrestal

Picture 29 – Refueling from USS Nashville
Picture 30 – Sunbathing on fantail
Picture 31 – Swimcall in the Med.
Picture 32 – USS Forrestal

Refueling from USS NashvilleRefueling>Replenishment formation

Picture 33 – Refueling from USS Nashville
Picture 34 – Refueling
Picture 35 – Replenishment formation

Kresta IISoviet Leningrad refuelingSoviet Leningrad

Picture 36 – Kresta II Soviet Cruiser
Picture 37 – Soviet Leningrad refueling
Picture 38 – Soviet Leningrad refueling complete
Pictures of Soviet ships taken in May of 1971 near Crete
The following is an article that appeared in the “APULIA SCENE”, a small paper from Brindisi, Italy.


Visiting Ship Treats
NCO Club Members;
Presents Plaque, “Smoke”

    Members of the NCO Open Mess were treated to an evening of music, comedy and lots of fun by the “Smoke,” a band from the USS Johnston DD821, which was docked recently in nearby Brindisi Harbor.

    The “Smoke,” playing a Sort of “farewell engagement” At the Open Mess here, stopped The fun and games at one point to present their ship’s plaque to MSgt. Harold Bennett, Custodian of the club. In accepting the plaque, which was presented by Paul Shane, trumpet player and singer, on behalf of the ship’s crew, Sergeant Bennett commented, “I have just the place for this,” adding, (after the laugher quieted down) “I’ll put this one with the many others we have in our “Trophy Room”.”

    Other members of the “Smoke” included Jim Wells, bass; Mike Niles, singer; Garret Hayes, trombone; Dennis Jolin, drums; and George Sites, guitar and “STAR”.

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