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Capt FR Biard Award

Here is a picture of Captain Biard with his plaque acknowledging his selection as a Distinguished Alumni of North Dallas High, partially for his work as a cryptanalyst-Japanese translator during WW2, with the presenter, Jon Houp, and Noel Garland next to the Captain.


Capt FR Biard

9/1/02 – (Reported by Noel Garland) Forrest is a retired Naval Captain who lives in Highland Park, He will be 90 years young this November, but is still active and alert. He has had a full and eventful life, and finally is getting some recognition for his achievements in life. More recognition is being sought both at North Dallas High, and in state and national circles clear up to the White House. Recently he spoke at the Pacific War Museum, known as the Nimitz, in Fredricksburg, Texas, and the next week, was flown to Baltimore, Maryland to speak to the retired employees of the National Security Agency at the Applied Physics Laboratory of John Hopkins University, and tours of the National Cryptological Museum at Fort Meade, Md, and the US Naval Academy. The picture of him below displays a commemorative plate given him by the NSA group. He has been invited back to the Nimitz to participate in a round table discussion on Allied-Japanese leaders in WW2, because of his intimate knowledge of those individuals, some of whom he worked for, or had met (MacArthur, Nimitz). Before the war, he and l7 other military officers and their families studied the Japanese language in Tokyo for almost 3 years, he managed to get that group out of Tokyo before being detained by the Japanese military in August of l94l. He worked with or met with many of the preeminent codebreakers of the US military (William Friedman, Frank Rowlett, Joseph Rochefourt, Abraham Sinkov and others) during his almost five years as a cryptanalyst-Japanese translator during the war. Graduating from the US Naval Academy in l934, he also attended Ohio State University, getting a Masters and some of his doctoral work in Nuclear Physics before being called back by the Navy to attend the first A-H bomb tests in the Pacific. After his military career, went to Cal Tech to study Astro Physics with seven extremely brilliant people, some of whom later won Nobel Laureates in their field. He taught Physics in California for twenty three years in various colleges before finally retiring. Forrest usually can be found studying one of his avocations, Japanese language, Japanese military or general history, among others, at the Starbucks in Highland Park Shopping Center many mornings.

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