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The ex-ROCS Chen-Yang DDG-928 was sunk as a target
during the Hang-Kuang 22nd Exercise on 20 July, 2006



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She was a grand fighting ship, that served two Navies.

From the Chen Yang DDG928 Association

Displacement: approx. 3,500 tons full load
Dimensions: 119.03 x 12.52 x 5.8 meters (390.5 x 41 x 19 feet)
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 4 boilers, 2 shafts, 60,000 shp, 27 knots
Crew: approx. 275
Aviation: aft helicopter deck and hangar; 1 MD-500 helo
Radar: DA-08 air search
Sonar: DE-1191 (SQS-23H) hull
Fire Control: STIR-18 missile control, HW-160 gun control
EW: Chang Feng III active/passive suite, 4 Kung Fen decoy
Armament: 4 Hsiung Feng II SSM, 10 SM-1MR SAM, 1 8-cell ASROC,
1 76 mm OTO DP, 2 40mm/70 AA, 1 20 mm Phalanx CIWS,
2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes.


The following is an e-mail received April 22, 2009 from the ROC Navy

Dear Mr. Tomasin,

I regret to inform you that the ex-ROCS Chen-Yang DDG-928 was sunk as a target during the Hang-Kuang 22nd Exercise on 20 July, 2006 off the coast of Yilan County, northeast of Taiwan (N24 – 42’30” , E 122 – 02’00” (WGS-84),N 24 – 42’36.6″ ,E122- 01’30.5″ (GRS – 67)). She has completed her last contribution to the ROCN in a way as described by 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, have finished the course. I have kept the faith.” She will live eternally in the hearts of everyone who has served on her regardless of their nationalities. I sincerely hope that we will continue to work hard to bring the fellowship of our Associations and our Navies closer in the near future. On behalf of the Chen-Yang Association, I would like to send our warmest regard to your members and wish you all a successful reunion.


RADM Cheng-Yi Chang, ROCN(Ret.)
ROCS Cheng-Yang DDG928 Association

Dear Mr. Mallast:

Reference is made to your e-mail dated March 23, 2004.Thanks for your concern to the national defense affairs and support to the navy.Regarding the questions that you mentioned in your e-mail, our explanation is as follows:

1. The Ex-USS Johnston, DD-821, was delivered to the ROC Navy on February 27, 1981 in U.S. On April 12 of the same year, this ship was tugged from U.S and arrived at Tsoying Naval Harbor, Kaohsiung, Taiwan on July 9. Admiral Chien CHOU, the CINC of ROC Navy at this period, presided over the commission ceremony for this ship and christened her as ROCS Cheng-Yang, DD-928. In 1987, this ship was conducted the overhaul and weaponry system modernization so as to meet the requirements of battlefield environment around the Taiwan Strait.

2. With efforts of all hands, this ship carried out missions successfully. Owing to the aging propulsion system, this ship was decommissioned on December 16, 2003. At present, this ship is in port at Kaohsiung Harbor and will be the target ship for fleet in the future.

3. The further information about the ROC Navy ships will be provided by the Chinese web site “Chinese Ships Museum”,””

We do hope that above-mentioned explanation will meet your requirements. Your continued comments and support to our navy will always be appreciated. Best wishes to the health and happiness of you.

ROC Navy General Head Quarters 2004.4.14

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