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Photos from Norm Heise

Norm Heise
Taken during my first 5
months aboard ship.
Norm Heise

Venice, Italy
Taken in February of 1953
While we were in port in Venice, Italy.

Winter/Spring tour to Europe

We were on a good will tour of Europe and as a result visited at least 20 to 25 ports of call from Northern Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sailors and Girls 1Sailors and Girls 2

The picture of the “sailors and their girls” were taken in London on a short visit there from Portsmouth where we docked. We had no trouble finding a girl to entertain since London at that time was full of eager, young Irish girls who had come to London seeking employment as waitresses and hotel maids. Perhaps someone who served with me at that time who is in the picture with me will recall that weekend too. I have forgotten their names.

Wilhelmhaven, Germany News

The news article was published in the local newspaper in Wilhelmhaven, Germany where I was told the Graf Spee and Sharnhorst were built. If I am correct, we were the first American ships to enter the port since the end of the war, so this was a big deal for the citizens of the town who had made a living building ships for the government in pre-1945 times. The locks were so badly damage by our bombing that at the time we were the largest ship that could navigate the locks and dock. Our ship was open to visitors for a couple of days. Hundreds waited patiently in line and came aboard for the tour. It was interesting to hear the citizens unfavorably compare us to the pride of the German fleet that they had been used to dealing with before the war.

The Meredith and Ware refueling
Meredith and Ware refueling

USS Meredith (DD890)
USS Meredith (DD890)

USS Ware (DD865) 1USS Ware (DD865) 2USS Ware (DD865) 3USS Ware (DD865) 4

USS Ware (DD865)
The pictures of the Ware were taken during the
time we were transferring personnel, mail and

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