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WestPac Cruise 1967-68

The Johnston left Charleston in late 1967 and was in the Tonkin Gulf in 1968. During the cruise over the Johnston rode out a pretty big storm in the Pacific and was late getting to Subic Bay. So Christmas 1967 was spent at sea. The time spent in the Tonkin Gulf was on plane guard with the USS Ranger or the gun line near the DMZ. Also a part of the Tet Offensive. The Johnston spent a large amount of this time on the gunfire line for the Marines in the city of Hue.

The “J” left the Tonkin Gulf with the USS Ranger headed for North Korea when the Pueblo was captured. But had a problem with the rudder and went into dry-dock in Japan.

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Hong Kong R&R

Above photo was taken in Hong Kong during R&R.
Ship’s Officers, from left, are:

Ensign Otho Mills, Ensign Jim Tamplin, Lt. Chuck Mullins, Ensign John Pasato, Lt. Bill Efrid, Ensign Dan Nelson, Ensign Phil Bryce, Ensign John Malec, and Lt. Howard Seely. Not shown are Commander Curran (CO), Ensigns Toby Mack, Jim Major, Frank Cobb and Jim Kappes, Ensign Steve Demeritt, Supply Officer.
Submitted by: John Malec

The below photos submitted by:
Jim Kroeger FM
John Argonti FTG2

Storm 1Storm 2

No mater where you go the waters are rough
Have to refuel

Gunline 2Gunline 1

On the Gunline

Getting Mail
Receiving mail off the gunline

Resupply 2Resupply 1

More supplies, these were used fast

Dry-dock  -  Yokusuka, Japan 1Dry-dock  -  Yokusuka, Japan 3Dry-dock  -  Yokusuka, Japan 3

Dry-dock – Yokusuka, Japan

Dashdeck 2
Liberty starts when

China Fleet Club, Hong Kong
China Fleet Club, Hong Kong
Mike - Dan - Pete
On the ASROC deck
Mike – Dan – Pete

Treibel - Nelson - Lawson - Argonti
?? – BM2 G. Treibel – LT(jg) Nelson
FTG2 Mike Lawson – FTG2 John Argonti

?? - Treibel - Lawson - Argonti - Nelson
?? – Treibel – Lawson – Argonti – LT(jg) Nelson

Treibel - Nelson
Treibel (I think) – LT(jg) Nelson

Blistered Gun Barrels 1Blistered Gun Barrels 2Blistered Gun Barrels 3Blistered Gun Barrels 4

Blistered Gun Barrels
(Very large files)
But worth it.

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