Ball Recollections

Contributed by: Paul Ball

On our first trip over seas we (along with the USS William R. Rush (tin can) and the USS Fresno (Lt. Cruiser) was privileged to visit Dublin. It was said that we were the first American men of war to visit there in 28 years, which I can believe. The first night ashore we went to a bar at the end of the dock. At Midnight the bar closed. But the owner suggested we just step out side and wait. Soon he was out passing out free drinks to all that stayed, Irish and sailors alike.

On 5/13/48 all ships were tied up in Portland, England. The skipper gave orders to ready for sea, though we were scheduled to say a week. Two men came aboard the Johnny. As soon as we cleared the harbor it was flank speed for 6 hours, where we met the sub Trumpet Fish. We took a sailor off the sub and the two men operated on him at 0100 in the officer’s mess. As soon as that was over with, flank speed back to port. It seems that the two men were from the Fresno. We were just faster than the other two ships. Never knew the sailors name, but it was said that he had appendicitis.

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